Here’s what my clients have to say….

Barry Zeto
Major League Baseball Pitcher, Cy Young Award Winner & Two-Time World Series Champion

“I have had different coaches through the years but my work with Jamie truly stood out because he provided real life solutions that were instantly applicable and led to transformation in my life!”

Joel Smallbone
Lead Singer, Grammy Award Winning Pop Band, For King and Country

“Jamie has come alongside me giving direction insight and life guidance when I was critically in need. His empathy and positivity have inspired me to walk boldly ahead with confidence and clarity!”

Zach Gray
CEO, and Content Marketing Strategist

“It took all of 5 minutes for me to get every bit of value I needed out of my coaching with Jamie. He helped me to quickly see what I could not for over 20 years of my life, and start experiencing fulfillment and joy like never before. If you have it all and still aren’t happy, then you would be crazy to not hire him to coach you immediately.”

Tom Stewart
Vice President, Capstar Bank

“Jamie provided me the skills sets to set boundaries, negotiate and to take responsibility, allowing me to no longer live a passive aggressive lifestyle. I am now a discerning resource for the people that matter most!”

Susie Dunham

“You send me back into the game when all I wanna do is just sit on my ass and watch everyone else play. Well, I’ve finally suited up and have taken a couple of swings. I don’t always connect with the ball, but I’m swinging. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to get dirty or  get thrown out or even get hit by the pitch. But, you’ve reminded me, that’s all part of the game and getting dirty when you’re in the game is a good thing. Uniforms wash. And even getting thrown out is okay. It means you’re finally playing. Playing and taking chances. You hold me accountable with gentleness and strength. Thanks Coach!”