The Human Experience:

A Monthly Live Show Hosted by Jamie George

Come see Jamie LIVE on Stage at The Mockingbird Theater in Franklin, TN

Next Show: June 15, 2020 at 7pm*

* (The May 11th Premiere of The Human Experience was postponed and rescheduled for June 15th.)

What is The Human Experience?

The Human Experience is a monthly LIVE show for those who love inspirational stories and entertainment that touches the soul. It’s an unforgettable night of masterful storytelling & live performances that will spark your imagination and make you come alive

What You Will Experience

  1. You will be inspired by stories and live interviews that highlight human struggle in the midst of great accomplishment. 
  2. You will be moved by monologues and musical performances that fuel curiosity and remind you of what truly matters.
  3. You will be entertained and challenged to dream again.
  4. You will be invited to awaken to the true purpose for your life, and you will be encouraged and equipped to go fulfill it. 

This is a show that will let you laugh, and let you cry, and leave us all remembering that life – this human experience – is beautiful, meaningful, and full of wonder.

Introduction to the Event – From Jamie George

What Makes You Come Alive?

Inspiration is defined as an energy that makes your mind, soul, and body feel more alive. 

Imagine for a minute what is actually happening inside your body when you become truly inspired. All it takes is a single brainwave to fire, then neurotransmitters send messages down your spine, throughout your nervous system – all within a nanosecond. 

This spark of inspiration is creativity expressing itself through your very being. The word in-spire literally means to “breathe into” and this breath is the spark of the Divine. “Life” is literally being breathed into you, causing you to experience “inspiratus” [Latin], or “alive-ness”. And its power cannot be ignored. It’s an energy that causes you to take action – to create something that improves your life. 

This is the essence of The Human Experience.

Questions for You

  1. Did you know that you are 100% unique? Meaning, there is NO ONE else exactly like you on the planet. That makes you an endangered species. 
  2. Do you believe we are all connected and a part of something bigger than ourselves? Does the existence of the Divine cause you to live in fear or in love?
  3. Have you experienced that voice that tells you that your life has meaning and that you were placed here on this planet for a purpose? Are you fulfilling that purpose?

You were given a unique superpower that the world needs. When you engage it, you are living out your purpose in the collective Human Experience.

An Invitation to You

The Human Experience is a show about nudging your soul, inciting wonder, and giving you the encouragement to dream again. Perhaps, somewhere along the way, you were told that your humanness is not ok. We’re here to tell you that you are more than ok, and that your humanness is what makes this world more beautiful.

Through the power of storytelling and some of Nashville’s most gifted musicians, artists, and performers, you will be a part of a live audience gathering to celebrate the impact of our human experience. Our ultimate desire is for you to leave motivated to live every moment and every day fully alive and fully connected to all that is good. 

Here’s our invitation to you: 


“Jamie George provokes self-reflection. Sometimes the response will be painful, sometimes ugly, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful.”
Amy – New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Jamie cuts through stereotypes. He is a friend that we all truly need to hear from.”
Jeremy – Internationally Renowned Photographer

“Jamie provides real life solutions that have transformed my life!”
Barry – World Series Champion

“Timely and relevant, Jamie George’s much needed, fresh voice will undoubtedly liberate many to live and love richly.”
Dimas – Urban Pastor

“Jamie sends you back into the game when all you wanna do is just sit on your ass and watch everyone else play.”
Susie – Blogger

“Friend and fellow artist, Jamie is a masterful storyteller with a penchant for real-life situational significance.” 
Kevin – Grammy Award Winning Musician 

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that hearing Jamie speak changed my life. His stories and questions awakened something deep inside of me and reconnected me with an Ancient Love that has transformed my life.”
Patrick – Marketing Leader

“Jamie’s been one of my favorite storytellers for years, very soon he’ll be one of yours too.”
Jon – New York Times Best-Selling Author

About the Mockingbird Theater

Originally Built in 1929

The Mockingbird Theater is an intimate 130-seat venue that has been recently refurbished with comfortable stadium seating. There’s truly not a bad seat in the house. 

Enjoy a Cocktail Before or During the Event 

There is a full Speakeasy Bar located inside the theater, open prior to the event at 4pm and available throughout the show. 

For Directions

The Mockingbird Theater is located in Building 6 at the Factory, 230 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37064. 

Ticket Options 

General Admission


  • Seating is not assigned or reserved
  • Pick your choice of any seat located behind our reserved VIP seating, first-come first-served
  • The Speakeasy Bar inside the Theater opens at 4pm
  • Event doors open at 6pm

VIP (Includes Private Party Following the Show)


  • Reserved seating close to the stage
  • Includes a Private Cocktail Party following the show at the Speakeasy Bar at the Mockingbird with Jamie George and his special guests
  • The Speakeasy Bar inside the Theater opens at 4pm
  • Event doors open at 6pm



  • We have a handful of discounted tickets for volunteers who want to help our hospitality team ensure a special night for all attendees 
  • You will need to attend a brief volunteer training at 5pm prior to the event
  • Standing room only; some seating may be available

The Creators Behind The Human Experience
Executive Producer, Host – Jamie George
Producer, Creative Director – Paul Farmer