Written by Jamie George

“I’ve always said that the best teachers are storytellers, and Jamie George is one of the best storytellers I know.”

Dave Ramsey

Love Well

Living Life Unrehearsed & Unstuck

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel alone? Do you live a life hiding in fear concerned that your struggles might push others away? Do you feel like your faith is a fraud because of the emptiness in your soul? Are you exhausted and weary trying to play by the rules to pretending that everything is OK? 

Through surprising honesty, candor and openness, Jamie shares his personal journey of getting un-stuck. Love Well reveals a new way to experience love and life, it is a reassuring comfort to those looking to move beyond their pain towards a life of connection and grace.

Into the Kingdom

Heaven Is Closer Than You Think

There is a way into this life and this book is about finding that way. As close as our next breath, yet more mysterious than the far reaches of the galaxy, the Kingdom of God is both simple and complex. Above all, it is inviting.

If you listen long enough, you too can learn the secrets, follow the breadcrumbs, and distinguish the Voice of Truth that keeps calling your name. You, too, can experience the presence of the Divine and the harmonics of grace when you are awakened into the Kingdom of God.

Poets & Saints

Eternal Insight. Extravagant Love. Ordinary People.

One of the most beautiful ways to know God better is to learn from those who served Him in other times and cultures. The poets and saints of Christian history were imperfect, yet they offer wisdom across the centuries that is as powerful today as it was to their contemporaries. 

In Poets and Saints, Jamie George takes readers from a pub in Oxford, to a cathedral in the Italian hills, to a rooftop in Switzerland, and beyond as he offers insight into the minds and hearts of Christians such as John Newton, C. S. Lewis, and Saint Therese.